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Texas Banking Red Book is the official directory of the Texas Bankers Association. Since 1989, the Texas Banking Red Book has been a joint venture of the TBA and Texas Red Book, Inc., Shawnee Mission, Kan. In 1991, the partners began publishing the directory twice a year - spring and fall. In 2008, Texas Banking Red Book Online was introduced, combining the comprehensive listings of the print edition with the interactive features of the Internet.

The TBA, founded in 1885, is dedicated to providing a dynamic and profitable environment for Texas banks. This environment has provided a healthy atmosphere for the industry, as well as resources and services to benefit bank employees.

Representing all Texas banking institutions, the TBA brings together community and regional banks and branches, bank holding companies, and savings institutions. Its mission is to 'meet the growing needs of our members with education, information and advocacy.'

For more information about the Texas Bankers Association, visit www.TexasBankers.com.

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